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Dumfries and Galloway College is committed to obtaining value for money in all its procurement activities and ensuring that the procurement of goods, services and works in accordance with the College’s Procurement Strategy and Financial Regulations.

Procurement Strategy

The Procurement Strategy, approved by the Senior Management Team, sets out the procurement direction of Dumfries and Galloway College. The strategy is reviewed on a regular basis and is updated for sectorial, regional and national procurement initiatives.

The Procurement Strategy can be found here


Dumfries and Galloway College is a member of Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) Ltd APUC – Homewhich is the Procurement Centre of Expertise for 60 Universities and Colleges. APUC works collaboratively with Universities and Colleges in setting up contracts on behalf of the Higher and Further Education Sector in Scotland. Dumfries and Galloway College procures from these contracts.

The colleges contract register can be found here

Public Contracts Scotland Advertising Portal (PCS)

Dumfries and Galloway College advertises tenders above £50,000 through the Public Contracts Scotland Advertising Portal Home – Public Contracts Scotland. The advertising portal is also used for tenders of smaller value.

The Portal gives suppliers free access to contract opportunities in Scotland. Suppliers are required to complete a brief self-registration process through the Portal.

The College also has access to the following:

  • National Higher Education Contracts.
  • Scottish Public Sector Contracts established by Procurement Scotland.
  • Buying Solutions Contracts.

Where the College requires to procure goods, services or works that are not covered by agreements set up by the above, the College complies with the following procedure:

  • £20,000 and above – Competitive Tender
  • £50,000 and above  (Goods and Services) – Public Contracts Scotland Open Tender
  • £2,000,000 and above (Works) – Public Contracts Scotland Open Tender
  • Above £164,176 (goods and services) – EU Tender via Public Contract Scotland Open Tender
  • Above £4,104,394 (works) – EU Tender via Public Contract Scotland Open Tender

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

The College is committed to carrying out procurement activities in an environmentally, socially, ethically and economically responsible manner and to entering into agreements and contracts with suppliers that share and adhere to its vision. To demonstrate this commitment, current and potential suppliers are asked to acknowledge their compliance with the principles of the APUC Supply Chain Code of Conduct.

The APUC Supply Chain Code of Conduct can be found here

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